[Face]Time for Couture es la nueva colección de Ze García que fusiona alta costura y tecnología

“The experience of how we are living now in this situation, on an artistic level, seemed necessary to be captured in some way in my new collection. It is a historical event and the beauty of fashion is that it always has a social component. As a creative, it’s been really interesting to step out of my comfort zone and explore new ways of communication”. – José María García

The new 2020 [Face]Time for Couture collection is a mix of concepts in a time of change. A collection inspired by iconic garments from the last century fused with the technology of the present. With the worst consequences of COVID-19 coming to an end, the young designer José María García captures a breath of optimism and fresh air in a set of Haute Couture pieces. At the same time this line explore photographic creativity from a new perspective. Now begins the time for couture.

The designs in this collection pay homage to various iconic garments that travel through the history of fashion. From the renewed vision of the designer and creative director, classic Haute Couture garments are introduced that now coexist with digital formats and unusual scenarios.

“I couldn’t imagine this campaign if it wasn’t with Minerva.
We had already worked together and I love her creative concept, very much in line with Ze García, and we wanted to tell this story together”.
– José María García.
FaceTime with Minerva Portillo.

The Valencian Minerva Portillo, stylist and iconic Spanish model, imposes her personal stamp on this campaign and presents the [Face]Time for Couture designs at home. She combines each garment with her own style and together with the creative director she reinterprets the traditional process of fashion photography and it’s settings.This is done with the young photographer Álvaro Gracia, who also joins this campaign and explores new ways of shooting.

Poetic garments that travel to the 20th century

This new 2020 collection is a nod to the different styles and iconic garments from the last century. Poetic garments in taffeta and moiré in vivid and lively block colours. This collection is perfect for welcoming the good weather and being reborn with joy at a time of global crisis. Fashion always has a social component, and [Face]Time for Couture embodies a practical, comfortable trend without great excess in all its designs, whose common denominator maintains the codes of elegance and femininity. This is presented with traditional references to Spanish culture such as the manila shawl, one of the hallmarks that always accompanies Ze García. A parade of colours, prints and feathers.

The collection’s designs travel via FaceTime with a touch of Madeleine’s classicism and her angled cut silk satin dresses, the festive air and jewellery of the golden decade of the 1920s, the Balenciaga-esque ideas *creations of the 1940s and 1950s, Tom Ford’s minimalist style with knitwear and architectural cuts, Givenchy’s structured lines of the 1950s and the black and white futurism of the 1960s with Mary Quant’s mini-skirts.

Slow Fashion

The local, controlled and sustainable production present in the brand made in Spain since its inception in 2013, has allowed the outlining of new production processes during the creation of the collection. The creative director made modifications to the latest original designs, to adapt and conceptualize the historical moment lived. Always with the premise of using the highest quality materials and fabrics that guarantee unique and durable garments that allow you to enjoy [Face] Time for Couture designs for life.

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