Interview with Jaydy Michel by Ze García

The Mexican actress and celebrity Jaydy Michel returns to the fashion scene as the face of the new Ze García campaign and gives an exclusive, fun and very personal interview. Find out below.


Villa Adriana

Spring summer collection now available

In the latest campaign that the Spanish couture house has just launched to present its spring-summer 2023 collection, Ze García frames her designs in an environment that recalls the iconic scenes of the jet set captured by the artist and photographer Slim Aarons. On this occasion, Ze García presents this exquisite campaign in Villa Adriana, located in Begur, one of the most exclusive areas of the emblematic Costa Brava.


This choice of setting once again reveals the love that creative director José María García feels for architecture. The clean, pure and simple lines of Villa Adriana provide light and freshness, they are welcoming spaces where beauty and aesthetics reign, attributes that have inspired the firm’s creative director to name this spring-summer 2023 collection. In the gardens from Villa Adriana, you can breathe a relaxed and summery air, accompanied by a mild climate characteristic of the Mediterranean that favors outdoor life where you can enjoy the sun and the breeze, but without sacrificing the elegance and sophistication typical of those summer nights. summer parties.

“I didn't imagine this campaign if it wasn't with Jaydy. I am fascinated by her sense of humor, her naturalness and her beauty, very much in keeping with the Ze García Woman.” - Jose Maria Garcia.


The actress and celebrity Jaydy Michel, who returns to the fashion scene as the image of this new campaign to show off the brand’s new and spectacular party proposals, shows her most Mediterranean, elegant and natural side in a fun and exclusive interview at Video made by the designer and creative director of Ze García. With her natural grace, her captivating beauty and her undeniable charisma, Jaydy perfectly embodies the Ze Garcia woman: confident, refined and sensual.

The appointment of Jaydy Michel as the new campaign face for Ze García’s spring-summer collection is a move that once again puts the celebrity in the spotlight in the fashion industry. Known for her impeccable style, effortless elegance, and innate sense of fashion and humor, Jaydy is the perfect choice to embody the brand’s youthful spirit.


Jaydy’s career as a model and actress has taken her all over the world and she has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment. Her natural grace and impeccable fashion sense have made her a style icon, and her naming as the face of Ze Garcia’s campaign is a testament to her continuing influence in the fashion world. Fashion.

In concrete, the addition of Jaydy Michel as the brand’s new image campaign is a clear sign of Ze Garcia’s commitment to excellence and her dedication to creating collections that embody the spirit and elegance of the modern woman. The new designs of this spring summer 2023 collection are now available in the boutiques in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as at zegarcia.com/en/new-arrivals.

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