Journalist Elena Sánchez’s viral pink wedding dress

Journalist Elena Sánchez is undoubtedly one of Ze García’s girlfriends this season. She said ‘I do’ at a wedding held in Villa Saudade, a spectacular estate in the heart of the Madrid mountains. We collect in this interview conducted by ¡Hola! magazine. to José María García, designer and creative director of Ze García, what the creative process of her pink wedding dress was like.

Photography Victor La Fuente

Barcelona, October 20, 2023

How did the idea to create this wedding dress come about? What inspirations are behind it?

Elena came straight for a ballerina style wedding dress line, very artistic, as if it were an impressionist painting by the artist Degas. With a very dramatic air. And above all, she was very clear that she did not want to marry in white, she was looking for a more powdery concept with character. We precisely have that model of dress that she had in mind in white, with a little less tulle, and she tried it on and she fell in love and we started working.

Why pink and not white?

That decision was made by Elena, it was her proposal. It is true that we were very clear about what shade of pink we wanted to convey, and it was a very key point of the design. She wanted pink since it was a wedding that celebrated love with a more festive than ceremonious spirit, so she preferred to give a unique nod to the event with the color of her wedding dress without losing the romanticism.

“I matched with Elena from the beginning. She would be one of the dancers portrayed by the impressionist artist Degas.”

Photography Victor La Fuente

Photography Victor La Fuente

Could you tell us about what the creative process was like?

The truth is that Elena and I matched from the beginning, something very important in the relationship I have with all the atelier brides. Once I understood the air of spectacularity and uniqueness that Elena was looking for, without losing elegance of course, we began to develop her wedding dress. The most complex part of the dress was supporting 150 meters of curly tulle on a halter neckline bodice. We had to make a couple of internal glazes to be able to control the pattern. On the other hand, another thing that has also been very complex was finding the exact shade of pink that she wanted. We did up to four different dye tests until we finally found the ideal shade for her.

Photography Victor La Fuente

Did you help the bride choose other details for her bridal look?

In the relationship I have with brides, these types of styling questions always flow to complement her looks. In the tests we spend approximately an hour adjusting the design and also providing personalized styling advice down to the last detail. That I am always present throughout this process with them makes any question easy and close, sometimes we even decide the nail color.

What has it been like to work with Elena during these months?

The truth is that it’s wonderful, because she is charming. And it’s not because she’s reading me. She is a woman of easy character and it must be recognized that her silhouette and her bearing defend many different lines of dresses. On the other hand, her energy and ease, and her ability to delegate this super project to us, has been very grateful

Photography Victor La Fuente

Photography Victor La Fuente

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