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Wedding gowns for Winter weddings

Away from the more traditional and summery dates to celebrate the awaited day of “I do” are the colourful winter weddings. A trendy alternative for its romantic character and its striking staging.

All Ze Garcia wedding dresses are tailor-made for a feminine, sophisticated woman with a captivating personality. Inspired by their own love story, the bridal garments are unique and exalt a woman’s sensuality and idyllic beauty. The design and tailoring is a personalised process and an ode to the most delicate and beautiful femininity in its most artistic concept. With Haute Couture techniques and exquisite fabrics and materials, all the bridal collections from the brand are made in Spain. They make up a timeless approach that embraces summer and winter in the same collection. A wide range of dresses for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter weddings are presented.

Always with the premise that all of Ze García’s designs share the elegance, timelessness, femininity and sensuality of the brand. There are three perfect options for cold days that never fail.

At Ze García we design wedding dresses to remember.
Long sleeve dresses

Minimalism becomes elegance with the following designs in plain crepe silk, with draped necklines and gathered waistlines and embroidered structures on the shoulders. A comfortable and simple alternative that stands out for the neatness of the tailoring that is behind each of these made-to-measure wedding dresses.


What could be more versatile than a two-piece consisting of a blazer and trousers? It’s a combination that’s always the right choice and, for a casual, urban winter wedding, it exudes modernity and elegance. A timeless classic that you can enjoy for life and feel comfortable in throughout the event.

Coats and Jackets

Perhaps one of the leading garments in the collection. Statement Coats or jackets with feathers or warm fur details accompany the wedding dress while merging beautifully with the scene.