Ze García is back with his new campaign SHINE AGAIN, BONITA

Shine Again, Bonita”emphasizes the dream and the desire to celebrate life as we once knew it.

Summer, attitude and light at the end of the tunnel. This is the hopeful message conveyed by the new campaign of the Haute Couture brand Ze García. To welcome the most festive season of the year, the young Spanish designer captures the attitude, sensuality and elegance that bloom when we go out again after the global pause that we have been forced to live through these last few months. With all social events cancelled or postponed, new dates are finally on the horizon and are awaited with more enthusiasm and excitement than ever. With these new dates new ideas are offered by the exclusive line of party dresses and wedding gowns from Barcelona.

“After the storm, the sun will always shine. This new campaign appeals to the dream and the desire to celebrate life as we once knew it. It also shows the optimism of a new beginning” 
– José María García.
Conquering the city again

Directed by set designer and artistic director Marcia Lennona, and together with the designer and creative director of the brand José María García, the fashion brand plays with cheerful designs. Carefree dances and music that breathes Spanish culture in an avant-garde, cosmopolitan city like Barcelona. A setting that becomes the perfect backdrop for this short story that speaks of longing and new beginnings.

Neus Bermejo, Nora Vara, Nica Mestres and Tatiana Bello are the models who, to the rhythm of the guitar, give life to the Ze Woman. She is finally coming back out, dancing and enjoying Haute Couture as she hasnt had the chance to relish in it for quite some time. With a touch of sensuality, minimalism, fun and, above all, elegance, the four renowned Spanish models exemplify the values that give Ze García its name. They unite to shine again with their own light.

Shine again like never before

The designs that appear in the video, made by the luxury Ze Garcia include a timeless idea that embraces summer and winter at the same time. As, from the beginning Ze Garcíá advocates the elimination of seasonal fashion. Sophisticated garments in bright and festive colours coexist with minimalist designs that have the classic black and white duality that never fails as the undisputed protagonist. Long dresses, short dresses and timeless sets are some of the concepts that have remained in our wardrobe until now and are again becoming the options we are most eager to wear.

Art direction: Marcia Lennona y Ze García
Styling: Ze García
Models: Neus Bermejo, Nora Vara, Nica Mestres y Tatiana Bello
Photography: Tamara Ruibal
Make-up: Francis Molina

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