A garment that never fails: the ostrich feather top

Our iconic ostrich feather top can be customized in color at the Barcelona atelier.

ostrich feather top


One of the most iconic decorative elements of Ze García are the ostrich feathers. An elegant ornament that the sewing brand can certify as cruelty free, since the feathers are collected from the ground once the animal molts in a completely natural way. Being in this way an accessory that is respectful with the animal and that is in tune with the philosophy of the recognized and praised brand from Barcelona.

Available for online purchase

Currently at zegarcia.com the feather top is available for purchase online in white and also in black. Two colors that are a perfect wardrobe background to save you in any event or special occasion. Both for its versatility to be able to combine it in a thousand ways and for its timelessness, because it never goes out of style.

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ostrich feather top
Choose your perfect color in Ze García's atelier

Also, if you are in Barcelona, ​​it is mandatory to visit the spectacular Ze García atelier, not only to enjoy its space full of art, but also because you can customize the top or even other designs that include feathers by choosing the color you prefer. A tailor-made service where you select the color of the fabric and immediately afterward, its team of professionals dyes the ostrich feathers by hand to match the color of the garment. An artisan process and under request that allows you to customize your garment making it unique.

Party dresses made in Barcelona

Finding a luxury party dress or unique garments in Barcelona is a simple task if you go to Ze García. And even more so if you are looking for a sensual and elegant air and a local production made in Barcelona.

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