Ze García


Cindy Kimberly simulates an exotic bird of paradise to present the preview of the new Ze García collection in Monaco.

The internationally renowned model bets on national design to dazzle on the red carpet at the Gala for Planetary Healt in Monte Carlo.

With more than 6 million followers on Instagram, the Spanish model Cindy Kimberly relies on a styling by Ze García to attend the Gala for Planetary Health in Monte Carlo. An edition that brings together international artists and great philanthropists in a prestigious charity evening at the Main Palace, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the 5th edition of the Monte Carlo Gala.

“This is the presentation of what will be the firm’s next Haute Couture collection. a collection that will surprise ”
– José María García
Craftsmanship, elegance and made in Spain

The young model surprises on the red carpet with a sophisticated and scenic look. A 100% natural silk satin robe and hand-dyed ostrich feathers in two shades of vibrant military green. To do this, Ze García works with the best sewing techniques from his atelier located in Barcelona and uses certified cruelty free ostrich feathers, that is, feathers that are collected from the ground once they have fallen to the animal in a totally organic way.

Back to the roaring 20s

This design anticipates a new Ze García collection that returns to excess and evokes this iconic decade with a wink of theatricality and exoticism. Historically after a social depression, haute couture revives with exuberant designs where the premise of more is more reigns. Bright colors, fun and a lot of magic. A simile with that bird of paradise that flies over the city illuminating its streets. Like a bird that spots a new haute couture collection that will be released next October.