Ze García launches its first bag collection

An iconic first collection of few units that once again reaffirms the exclusivity and craftsmanship that characterizes the fashion brand. With production made in Spain, bags produced in the town of Ubrique, the birthplace of international renown for its acclaimed and prestigious craftsmanship and heritage.

After the successful launch of its footwear collection, which was its first foray into the world of luxury accessories, Ze García launched its first collection of bags that it presented exclusively at a private event held at its prestigious atelier in the city. from Barcelona. A luxury enclave that was the meeting point for some of the most popular celebrities and influencers nationwide.


The young designer and creative director of Ze García, José María García, who is also the founder and alma mater of the brand, has been inspired for this limited collection of bags in the equestrian universe. Personal passion that nurtures Ze García’s DNA from the beginning, being the inspiration for some of his most emblematic collections, such as the “La campiña de Sorolla” collection.


Ze García’s proposal is two models of bags in two unique colors, black and nude. Two styles whose history and beauty give rise to this unique accessory that is part of a production of small units worked by hand to the last detail.

Manila bag

The Manila bag was born between Barcelona and Ubrique from artisan techniques that use exquisite qualities and materials. An iconic piece that pays tribute to Spanish tradition and craftsmanship thanks to the iconic and elegant silk manila shawl embroidered with hand-braided fringes. A unique and delicate bag.

Doma bag

The Doma bag was born between Barcelona, Ubrique and Florence from artisan techniques that also use excellent qualities and materials. A padded accessory with character inspired by the elegant world of equestrianism thanks to the set of removable micrometer free gold chains and the sophisticated engraving of its anapada cowhide.

Ubrique: Cradle of Spanish leather goods.

All the bags are designed in Barcelona and produced in the town of Ubrique, the cradle of national leather goods. Region known for its prestige and heritage, whose large internationally renowned sewing houses also guarantee the excellence of its work. Ze García handbags have been worked by hand with professionalism and with artisan techniques inherited from generation to generation, to make this small production a set of bags of the highest quality with the made in Spain distinctive, hallmark of the most couture firm. desired by the influencers of the moment.

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