Haute Couture in Barcelona and sustainable fashion

“ Fashion and sustainability cannot be understood separately, they should form a pairing and always go hand in hand”. Says designer and creative director José María García.


In the current climate it is more important than ever to be transparent and honest with the production processes within the textile sector. At Ze Garcia we try to be part of the change by embracing sustainability as a business ethic. Each of our Haute Couture and pret a porter garments are designed and made by hand in our atelier located in the heart of Barcelona.

Regarding the usual work cycles to date, imperative in the fashion industry, with constant seasonal productions and over-consumption, they have long since become redundant. Thus, giving the environment a break by redrawing new scenarios is more than mandatory. Following the same line, part of our manifesto is based on the concept of slow fashion, which, together with the timelessness of the garments and the controlled design of a couple of collections a year, encourages the consumption of fashion that is conscious and respectful towards our planet. In this way, we are doing our bit for one of the industries that unfortunately leads in the ranking of the most polluting industries in the word. But not only that, sustainable fashion also encompasses an ethical and controlled workforce, raw materials, points of sale, travel and the durability of the garments. Read on to find out more about how we work at Ze García and what lies behind each garment.

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¿What is behind a Ze García garment?

If we sneak behind the scenes we can find a system that works on demand, this is so not to generate excess stock or waste during the entire production process. We only manufacture the pieces we sell. In addition, all our garments share a common denominator, and that is that they are handmade by expert craftsmen with stringency and professionalism. Passion for sewing and savoir faire, for us is vital. To have a team of professionals who are constantly motivated and reflect this in each of our designs for a flawless finish is crucial. The result of innate care, attention and dedication guarantees a design capable of lasting over time, being a Ze García garment forever.

If we continue this journey behind the scenes, we find the figure of the designer and creative director, who captures his own vision of elegance and femininity on paper through his sketches. His designs come to life with a selection of fabrics that come from carefully selected suppliers located in Spain, France, Italy, Israel and London. Where quality and aesthetics allow for the creation of a unique luxury garment in keeping with the brands realm.

A return to the haute couture of the great houses of the last century.

Ze García also offers an exclusive haute couture service in Barcelona where the range of fabrics and finishes is extremely wide, because in a personalised way the clients who choose a made-to-measure piece decide together with the designer the fabric they so desire. It is usually a “love at first sight” decision. This range of possibilities is endless including completely vegan fabrics to designs that sport ostrich feathers, of course always accompanied by a certificate that guarantees that they have been picked up from the ground once they have fallen naturally from the animal. A totally ethical option in line with our philosophy and brand values.

The final piece is therefore a unique, personal and unrepeatable design whose quality guarantees extensive durability. The concept of sustainable fashion cannot be separated from conscious and responsible consumption habits. Our Haute Couture shop in Barcelona is a perfect place to make you a custom-made dream piece, recovering the Modus Operandi of the great designers from the last century.

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