Ze García presents Av. Paraíso, an era of haute couture full of colors, feathers, rhinestones and excesses.

The creative director of Ze García, inspired by the beauty and freshness of an exotic bird flying over the city, evokes with his new collection freedom, uniqueness and fun.

Ze García presents its new haute couture collection through its website and social networks. A set of designs that are the most striking and scenic proposal of the sewing house so far. The collection, entitled Av. Paraíso, is a tribute to freedom, excess and fun.


The young creative director directs his haute couture to conquer and illuminate the streets of Barcelona, ​​like a bird of paradise that flies over the city. A most daring proposal that is a breath of fresh air due to its explosion of vibrant colors and its prints inspired by the exoticism of the seventies. A show where the oriental and architectural cuts of some of the pieces, whose design would perfectly fit in the setting of the jet set photographs captured by Slim Aarons, coexist with the glittering sequins and jewels of a festive and exuberant character. An ideal collection for those looking for a festive proposal with a sexy, sophisticated and elegant character, a hallmark of Ze García.

For the first time, the fashion brand made in Barcelona launches its own collection of prints
Conquering the city again

For the first time, Ze García presents exclusive print designs that dress a set of natural fabrics such as silk and satin gauze. Designs made with hand-embroidered fabrics and draped in silk are also proposed using the moulage technique, a cutting and sewing technique in which you work directly on the mannequin without the use of a pattern. Likewise, and in tune with that exotic bird that lights up the streets of the city, most of the proposals wear cruelty free ostrich feathers. Iconic protagonist in the brand since its birth in 2013.

Multicolor collaboration

An exclusive piece of leather goods has been made for this collection by the internationally renowned artisan Corina Embroidery. A handbag that surprises with its complexity and beauty, which accompanies the collection due to its also optimistic explosion of colors. Produced by hand, and laden with precious stones, the artist has used lunéville embroidery, an artisanal embroidery technique characteristic of eighteenth-century haute couture houses.

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