Ze García


Ze García launches its first shoe collection

“I have been advising my clients for so many years with the ideal shoe for our dresses as I really wanted to make the leap with my own collection, following the premise of timelessness. I wanted to come up with shoes without platform, elegant, comfortable, fresh and sensual. ” – José María García.

Ze García welcomes its new line of shoes. For the first time, after the birth of the haute couture brand in 2013 founded by the current creative director, Ze García diversifies product and immerses itself in the footwear sector. The first capsule collection includes a total of 6 models with an elegant, minimalist, sensual and timeless essence.

The designer’s proposal once again defends the made in Spain so characteristic of Ze García. For this reason, the set of shoes is produced in Spain in the town of Elda (Alicante), the cradle of national footwear, based on artisanal techniques that are synonymous with tradition, knowledge and dedication. The good know-how of the artisans of this town is cultivated from generation to generation and is translated into pieces of an impeccable nature that have been worked down to the last detail. In addition, the use of high quality materials allows us to offer a design and comfort at the level of the garments that endorse the sewing brand. It should be noted that the production follows the slow fashion philosophy of Ze García, being controlled, with few units and with little waste caused, as a result of sustainable production, labor and logistics. The craftsmanship of the production is supported by different luxury firms of great renown and international prestige, who trust in their excellent experience.

“Launching the shoes line is a very special step for Ze García and it has been a long and beautiful process of creation that I have really enjoyed”
– José María García
The streets of Barcelona inspire the collection

Another recurring nod to made in Spain is the name given to each of the shoes in the collection, as they belong to iconic streets of the city of Barcelona that have been important in Ze García’s history, whose symbolism and air subtly inspires the design of each of the pieces. The collection begins with the Tuset model, where Ze García was born, a street located near the emblematic Diagonal and that corresponds to a sandal that crosses diagonally on the instep, with a wide heel, square toe, champagne color and 60s style, since It was a street where the nightlife and high society parties reigned in that decade. The Santaló model breathes a young and striking air with a fresh touch enlivened by the vegetation of the location and its inviting area for walks. This is where the green grass color proposal and its comfortable heel are perfect for walking. The Bertrand model has a stately and discreet air, similar to one of the most exclusive areas of the city and where the brand’s atelier is currently located, being a closed room in a nude color with a pointed tip. Following this line, the Bonanova shoe is an open heel lounge with a more relaxed heel also in a nude color. A classic, elegant, long-lived street that welcomes side by side old stately towers that belonged to the Catalan bourgeoisie. The Avinyó model, the street that inspired the culminating pictorial work of Picasso’s cubist movement, “Las señoritas de Avignon” (1907), concerns a strappy sandal with a fine heel finished in a point. Its sinuous last evokes a sensual shoe with personality. Finally, the Casals model is the only bridal proposal of Ze García, in off-white and with a comfortable heel, it is with crossed straps and finished in a point since it is stylish, versatile and firm.

Sensuality, elegance and timelessness

Altogether, the creative process includes a trend point within the premise of iconic timelessness that is a reference in Ze García. The color palette is neutral and fresh thanks to the metallic tones and elegant nudes that are harmonized with some vibrant color that gives strength to the collection. The structure of the lines is architectural, simple and with a sensual and feminine touch to emphasize the curves of the foot and provide the maximum possible length to the leg. A proposal for footwear designed to blend in with the firm’s own style.

Minimalist and 90s air campaign

For the launch of the Ze García footwear line, an austere but artistic campaign has been launched by fashion photographer Angie Couple and art director Tamara Pérez Duran, awarded a Latin Grammy for her art project for El Mal Querer of Rosalía.