Ze García presents Bertrand13, a new collection of party dresses in Barcelona

The Spanish brand presents its latest party dresses novelties in Barcelona near its luxury enclave located in Barcelona.

vestidos de invitada en Barcelona


Ze García presents today the new collection of party dresses in Barcelona: Bertrand 13. A collection that evokes the innocence, sensuality and elegance of romantic affairs on warm spring days in the city. The collection also communicates the joy of dressing for the outdoors with a proposal of power dressing designs.

Photographed by the artist Pepe Herreros, the collection is located near the Ze García atelier. For this reason, the designer and creative director, José María García, names the collection with the exact address where the atelier is located, Calle Josep Bertrand number 13. With a street and cosmopolitan touch, the renowned Turó Park becomes the perfect luxury enclave in Barcelona to locate this set of ideal looks for the expected spring weather.

vestidos de invitada en Barcelona
“Bertrand 13. A collection that evokes the innocence, sensuality and elegance of romantic affairs on warm spring days in the city.
– José María García.
Power dressing

On board the color block trend, with striking tones that are associated with optimism and with the recovery of social events, García includes two predominant palettes for the firm’s collection that are opposite in his intention. On the one hand, the most vibrant and saturated designs as an optimistic and fun aesthetic resource, and on the other hand, designs with more opaque opposite colors that provide a sense of serenity but also share an energizing effect. In one, the striking fuchsia pinks and oranges stand out; in another, lilacs, light blues, yellows and pale greens. It should be noted that the print proposals are exclusive and original to the firm.

vestidos de invitada en Barcelona

The proposal of the luxury couture house emphasizes with this editorial a fresh, youthful and sensual air, which as usual details with long openings and necklines. It also includes some scenic embellishments like the iconic ostrich feathers, handcrafted organza flowers with Swarovski crystals, and large bows.

New accessories

Bertrand 13 includes new party bags and new footwear models. In tune with the looks, Ze García plays with bright and cheerful color proposals and, for the first time, incorporates a platform shoe model. The Doma bag, iconic for its chains and quilted leather, shines in new shades and shares the limelight with the elongated leather clutches in a fresh orange and kiwi green. All of them are made in Spain in the prestigious town of Ubrique.

In summary, Bertrand 13 is a mix of colors, prints, fabrics and textures in equal parts that give life to a seductive proposal of gala dresses perfect for festive spring-summer settings that sign the sensual and elegant hallmark of the couture house from Barcelona.

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