Ze García welcomes Spring with his new collection La campiña de Sorolla (Sorolla’s countryside)

Inspired by Impressionist lines, the Spanish countryside and the equestrian world, the Spanish couture brand’s new collection is its freshest, most sophisticated and tender offering to date.

Ze García presents a new party collection with an impressionistic editorial that reflects the need to escape from city life and reconnect with the tranquillity and natural beauty of life in the countryside. A romantic oasis that escapes from our social surroundings and emphasises a sense of freedom, elegance and serenity. 

As the name of the collection suggests, La campiña de Sorolla is inspired by the impressionist realm of the renowned artist and portrays the everyday life of a bourgeois woman in a rural setting. The collection portrays the typical characteristics of the aesthetic pictorial movement with an emphasis on the appetising Spanish countryside and equestrian world. To speak of the Spanish countryside is to speak of one of the most picturesque areas of the country, whose floral scents, good wine and fairytale landscapes present a real challenge for the senses.

“I designed this collection with a summer country setting in mind that would allow me to escape the current climate and capture that captivating freedom and romantic idealism, but with a reinterpreted masculine line. My mind imagined portraying that bourgeois everyday life in this setting in the purest impressionistic style of Sorolla”
– José María García
Duality in balance

A Sorolla’s countryside draws two opposing lines that are kept in balance. On the one hand, half of the designs in the collection are presented under a more romantic and frivolous aesthetic, full of volume, lace and ruffles with different types of bows. On the other hand, there are designs with cleaner and more structured cuts, typical of a more sober and minimalist masculine line. As a nexus of union, all of them play with the openings, the pronounced necklines and the impeccable finishes that endorse Ze García’s brand. Likewise, the fifteen designs also reflect a dual chromatic range that combines the darkest colours, associated with the characteristic tones of the north, with the warm and striking colours of the south, which together provide a fresh, sophisticated and feminine idea. Recurring contrasts in the designer’s and Ze García’s DNA is what makes this collection so unique.



For this summer collection Ze García has collaborated with the renowned hat artist Betto García, who has created pieces for numerous celebrities and fashion houses. Inspired by the aura of the Spanish countryside, the Valencian introduces natural elements such as ostrich feathers into the creations and combines them with tones inspired by nature which are all entirely handmade

The photographs are shot in analogue by photographer and creative director Angie López. The editorial is accompanied by a fashion film directed by creative and film director Gabriel Moran and his team. Like the editorial, the fashion film tells the story of a bourgeois, cosmopolitan woman who decides to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to her quiet country house. A horse lover, the Ze García woman appears elegant and natural in her everyday life in the natural aesthetic environment, as if it were a succession of impressionist works in motion.

An oasis in the heart of L’Empordà

This luxury location is the perfect place because of its large dimensions and its sense of wild nature and freedom. A prestigious Spanish purebred black mare. An oasis in the heart of L’Empordà that once again emphasises the designer’s passion for the equestrian world. This idyllic setting was also the protagonist of previous collections such as “Doma”.

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